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Condition Surveys

Our building surveyors are experienced in undertaking condition surveys on a range of building types including residential, healthcare, educational, commercial and industrial.

Types of condition surveys include:

Specific Defect Surveys

This type of investigation is undertaken to diagnose the cause(s) of a specific building problem, and the report may include recommended remedial actions. In order to obtain a diagnosis it may be necessary to undertake intrusive investigation e.g. opening-up of the structure, undertaken with the permission of the building owner following consultation.

Full Condition or Structural Surveys

This survey-type, sometimes referred to as a Structural Survey, is used where a detailed condition assessment is needed for a building. Normally it will cover the accessible parts of a building and cover all components. Depending on the requirements of the owner, it may include Mechanical & Electrical Surveys which are normally integrated into a single report.

Pre-Acquisition Surveys

Prospective purchasers frequently commission a pre-acquisition survey before committing to purchase a property. The content of such a survey will highlight significant issues which may affect the value or usability of a building. This enables the prospective purchaser to make a more informed decision.

Legislative Compliance Surveys

The most important task for a building owner or manager with regard to the management of a building is to ensure that the premises and any external areas remain safe for its occupants, contractors and the public. It is important that an effective assessment is made of the building, concerning its usage. This covers the many areas of legislation which an employer is required to consider. The majority of legislative compliance relates to Health and Safety, an area where CAD Survey Services are well qualified and deemed legally competent.

Stock Condition Surveys

For those organisations that own or manage multiple properties there is often a need to implement a system for ascertaining, reporting and managing the condition of the building stock. Our stock condition surveys are undertaken to a systematic standard method, producing data reports to a consistency that affords easy analysis and presentation to the property manager. Informed decisions can then be made about maintenance, repair and improvement.

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