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Topographical Surveys

CAD Survey Services offer a wealth of surveying experience to major organisations.

Our surveyors are equipped with the latest in GPS technology and processing software. With vast amounts of topographical knowledge and experience spreading over many disciplines, CAD Survey Services are able to adapt to our clients individual needs. Our robust team can offer services from Building and Site surveys to GPS and Volume calculation surveys.

Our Surveys are tailored to meet your requirements and all our surveyors have been trained to operate at the highest level in accuracy, efficiency and safety ensuring quality is delivered with every survey. Our surveyors have experienced varieties of terrain ranging from Rail, Airports, Highways and environmental agencies and can offer services from building and site surveys to GPS and Volume Calculation surveys.

CAD Survey Services’ focus on safety at work is a priority and our teams follow our stringent health and safety procedures.

Staff qualified under:

  • Personal Track Safety (PTS)
  • Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS)
  • Disclosure Scotland

For information about any of our services please call 0141 208 2036 or email